The Sweetest Thing – Cathy Woodman

The Sweetest Thing

“Jennie Copeland thought she knew the recipe for a happy life: marriage to her university sweetheart, a nice house in the suburbs and three beautiful children.  But when her husband leaves her. she is forced to find a different recipe.  And she thinks she’s found just what she needs: a ramshackle house on the outskirts of the beautiful Talyton St George, a new cake-baking business, a dog, a horse, chickens…

But life in the country is not quite as idyllic as she’d hoped, and Jennie can’t help wondering whether neighbouring farmer Guy Barnes was right when he told her she wouldn’t last the year.

Or perhaps the problem is that she’s missing one vital ingredient to make her new life a success.  Could Guy be the person to provide it?”

I love the Talyton St George series by Cathy Woodman and although I’ve not read them in order I’ve enjoyed them nonetheless.  This was the only one I hadn’t read so when I saw it at a bargain price in my local book shop I just had to buy it!

Right from the start I got the sense of new beginnings – Jennie was attempting to rebuild her life after her divorce and was clearly feeling the strain.  Her move to the countryside from London was entertaining and regularly had me chuckling, adapting to the country way of life proved a bit tricky for Jennie and her children but it was particularly hard for her teenage son whose troubles ran throughout the story.

The whole book had a feeling of homeliness but also excitement.  I loved how each chapter focused on a different type of cake or biscuit, to say that this book made me hungry for sweet treats is a massive understatement 🙂

It was fantastic to see Jennie’s character grow before my eyes, I was interested to see how she would deal with every obstacle that was thrown her way so I couldn’t stop turning the pages.  Guy was a sexy but troubled character who I found very easy to visualise!  The rocky romance between the two of them was beautifully written, it didn’t feel rushed or forced and although it may have been a predictable pairing it didn’t matter to me because it was so enjoyable.

There were a few familiar folk from the other Talyton St George books and this is something I love about reading a series, it makes me feel like I’m catching up with old friends.

As I’ve mentioned many times before I love animals so this book was right up my street, it was full of cows, chickens, dogs and ponies – following all the ups and downs of owning these kind of animals was fascinating.

This was a lovely comforting read, perfect for animal lovers and those wanting to escape to the countryside without all the mud!

The Sweetest Thing can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.

To find out more about Cathy Woodman visit her website or blog.


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