Warrant For Love – Sheryl Browne

“Life for Paul sounds like your typical country song. He comes from a broken home, his wife is divorcing him, he’s got no place to live, he’s losing custody of his son, and his sergeant, who’s sleeping with his wife, is a loud-mouthed braggart who won’t let up on him – not even at work.

Leanne’s caught her (now) ex cheating on her again, but before she can give him the what-for, she’s wrongfully arrested for soliciting – by Paul and his partner. One thing leads to another and things could be looking up for Paul, except for Leanne’s friends – quarrelling mom Nicky and financial goddess Jade – have it out for her ex.

Leanne wants closure, Paul wants a home, and Nicky and Jade want revenge. Blackmail, lies, adultery, entrapment. Will it all work out in the end or will Paul uphold the law? It sounds like he needs a Warrant for Love.”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon (current price £1.98), I’ve also read and enjoyed Somebody To Love by the same author.

I could tell straight away that the main character Leanne would be fun – she was likeable, a bit scatty and many of her ways reminded me of myself!  I’m crazy about animals so I love a book with pets in it and this one had a fabulous dog called Doorstep (what a brilliant name!).  I’m also rather partial to a man in uniform so this book certainly was a treat for me as there was also a dishy policeman involved.

The dishy policeman was called Paul, he clearly found it difficult to express himself and finding out more about his past gave the reason why.  The very difficult issue of physical abuse was dealt with sensitively and didn’t overshadow the rest of the story in any way.

Leanne and Paul’s first meeting was brilliant, I laughed so much as I pictured the scene.  I particularly enjoyed Leanne’s witty comments as she was being arrested, it wasn’t a great idea to insult the arresting police officer but I found it very entertaining as the reader 🙂

The other characters in the story were interesting – Nicky (Leanne’s sister) was having troubles at home with her husband and teenage children.  Jade was one of my favourite characters, she was a good friend to Leanne and Nicky and very feisty but she also had a sad past that hurt her and made her a tough nut to crack.  Her relationship with Saun was great to read and I would love to see them in a story of their own.

There were all sorts of ups and downs throughout the book, many of which I was able to predict but I enjoyed the journey nonetheless.  Later on there was a social services visit which had me crying with laughter, I really enjoyed this moment so make sure you look out for that part.

This was a lovely read, it had a feeling of realness to it and the message that no matter what life throws at you, it’s possible to overcome it.

To find out more about Sheryl Browne visit her website here.


10 thoughts on “Warrant For Love – Sheryl Browne

  1. Ooh, Kate! You are a gorgeous ray of sunshine on a cold grey day! You totally got my book! What an absolutely FABulous review! Thank you so very much. Am thrilled to abosulte bits! This book was a long time in the iidting, rather than the actual writing, so determined was I to get it right. I think you’ve just confirmed that I did! YesssSSSS! Going to squish my little JR now – in the best possible way!


  2. Thanks for a lovely review Kate. I am looking forward to reading this one. I’ve read Somebody to Love and Recipes for Disaster and loved them both. Sheryl has a lovely writing style.


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