Better Together – Nicola May

“Jess is nearly 40 when she meets Dan Harris at a party. She is single, sorted, happy – with a great job and a buzzy social and sex-life. All of this is threatened when she falls deeply in love with Dan, who is only 23. 

Jess, being older, recognises this as the real, precious thing – but in his immaturity, Dan does not. Unable to cope with the stigma of being with an older woman, he eventually leaves her. 

Ten years pass…

Jess, who is still gorgeous at 50, is married now, with a child of her own.They meet again. The years fall away.

This time, Dan understands – but is it too late?”

I got this book when it was available as a free download from Amazon (current price 77p).  I have previously read, and very much enjoyed, two of this author’s other books and you can find the reviews here.

This book was a real rollercoaster ride, my opinions and emotions were all over the place!  It was broken up into three parts, part one explained Jess and Daniel’s history and how they first came to be lovers.  I do find it difficult to read about guys/girls cheating on their partners so there were some bits of this book that I found uncomfortable.

It wasn’t easy to predict what was going to happen – there was one mystery involving a child’s paternity that really had me stumped and when I finally found out who it was I have to admit that I was shocked.

Towards the end of this part Jess had a big decision to make and Part two dealt with the aftermath of that decision.  It was at this point that I began to get annoyed with Daniel and his selfish ways.

I loved the authors writing style, it made for a very easy read and before I knew it I was halfway through the book!  It just continuously surprised me, whenever I thought I had everything sussed out something changed and I’d realise that I got it all wrong.

Part three took me forward in time by ten years (I felt a little bit like Dr Who at that moment :)) and I couldn’t wait to see what had happened during that time.  Things had certainly changed for her but it wasn’t all as it first seemed!

I enjoyed Jess’s time in Polperro because it brought back memories of my own holidays in Cornwall, the descriptions of the tiny fishing village conjured up vivid images in my mind and it almost felt like I was back there.

Later on in the book things took a sinister turn and again I couldn’t guess who was responsible, from this moment everything changed dramatically for Jess and led to a very unexpected ending.

This was a fab read that kept me guessing throughout.

To find out more about Nicola May visit her website here.


2 thoughts on “Better Together – Nicola May

  1. Thanks for a lovely review Kate. I have read Working it Out by this author and enjoyed it. I like the sound of this one too. I love Polperro, nice to hear it mentioned here.



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