Star Fish – Nicola May

“Tired of looking for love Amy Anderson decides that an astrological dating agency is the only way she is going to meet the man of her dreams.

Star Fish follows Amy’s hysterical search for her ‘sole mate’ as she dates her way through the twelve signs of the zodiac.

So who will finally woo Amy? Will it be Ted the Arian photographer with a passion for ice skating, or maybe Laurence, the Libran IT whiz kid who likes to get behind the wheel of a fast car? Or, how about Capricorn Christopher, the owner of Starr & Son, the dating agency?”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon (current price 77p).  I read and reviewed Working it Out by the same author here.

Straight away I liked Amy and her friends – oh how I love characters who are a little bit crazy! Amy’s cat was also a great part of the book, I loved the idea of having a male cat called Penelope 🙂

When Amy joined a dating agency which specialised in setting people up according to their star sign I just knew there would be some laughs ahead.  I found myself looking forward to getting to the man with my husband’s star sign to see if the character would be anything like him (it turned out that there were some similarities actually).

The thing that really stood out with this book was how much I laughed out loud, my family thought I had gone mad because I was literally crying with laughter at one point (a scene involving a restaurant toilet and yoga, keep an eye out for that part).

This book never failed to surprise me, I just couldn’t predict what would happen and was guessing right until the end.  A shocking twist in an airport hotel, another in a curry house and then later on a devastating occurrence were just some of the events that added to the excitement running throughout the story.

There were a few sexual scenes that I felt fitted the storyline and weren’t out-of-place and all this led up to a lovely ending although I was kind of hoping for a different outcome.

This was a fast-paced and fun book that held my interest throughout, a fab one-day read!

To find out more about Nicola May visit her website here


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