Dreams – Daniela Sacerdoti

“Seventeen-year-old Sarah Midnight has never had a normal life.  To the outside world she is a typical teenager, but on the inside, Sarah holds an unimaginable secret.  Her parents are demon hunters, part of a web of Secret Families who have sworn to protect the world.  When they are mysteriously killed, Sarah’s world is shattered but she knows she must now take up their fight.

Unprepared for the task ahead, she finds herself thrust into a world of incredible danger, full of things she never even knew existed.  Including her enigmatic long-lost cousin who, out of the blue, turns up on her doorstep when she needs him most.  He claims to be there to help and protect her, but how will she know who to trust in this perilous new life?  And can she stay alive long enough to complete her parents’ quest when they have left her so defenseless? 

Sarah has to learn, and learn fast – the demons are all around her and death waits for no one…”

I bought this book after reading some good reviews for it, the blurb sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a go.

It took me a little while to follow what was going on as there was so much information to take in at the beginning, I soon fell into the storyline though particularly once I learned the reason for Sarah’s parents being killed – this was a turning point for me.

The whole idea is very imaginative and as I was reading I felt a sense of urgency and extreme danger. The demons were scary and I couldn’t imagine how Sarah would ever survive an attack from them.

Sarah had clearly had a difficult upbringing and reading about her obsessiveness with cleaning and tidying made my heart break for her, she seemed incredibly lost so when Harry came into her life it was nice to see someone caring for her.  Harry was a lovely character although I knew the secrets he was keeping from Sarah would cause problems, at one point I was yelling at the book because I just wanted him to tell her!

When the mysterious Leaf was introduced I came up with all sorts of ideas as to who he was, I got the feeling that he wasn’t trustworthy but some of his actions made me question those feelings so I still feel unsure about him.

Throughout the book the characters had inner thoughts and I loved this side of it because I’m a very nosy person and I always like to know what isn’t being said.

As the book progressed Sarah became much stronger and I enjoyed seeing this change in her, after a fantastic cliffhanger ending I look forward to seeing if her strength continues into the next book!

This was a dark and at times scary book which thoroughly intrigued me.

Dreams can be purchased from The Book Depository and Amazon.

To find out more about Daniela Sacerdoti visit her website here.


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