No Matter What – Michelle Betham

“India Steven is an ordinary English girl from an ordinary English city, until a chance meeting with major movie star Reece Brogan catapults her into a new and extraordinary life that takes her from the streets of North East England to the glamour-filled world of Hollywood. 

From legal secretary to movie star almost overnight, she’s living the dream. In a relationship with her drop-dead gorgeous, and incredibly sexy, co-star Kenny Ross, a house on the beach, and more money than she could ever imagine, it seems as though nothing can spoil her wonderful, new, glamorous life.

But hidden secrets, bitter jealousy, and a dangerous obsession are set to turn her incredible new life upside down, in ways she can’t even begin to imagine…

No Matter What is an epic, sexy, rollercoaster of a ride through two decades in the glamorous – and sometimes not-so-glamorous – lives of people who, due to circumstances thrown upon them, or just fuelled with a desperate need, will do anything – anything – it takes to get what, or who, they really want. No matter what…”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon (current price £1.97).  I have also read Too Much Trouble in Paradise by the same author, you can read my review of this here.

I wasn’t sure what was going on in the prologue but it really sparked my interest with talk of India’s journey and telling the truth, it ended with her looking at something/someone she wished she hadn’t and this made me very keen to read on.

After the prologue it went back to where India’s journey began (before she was famous) and certain things started to make more sense.  She lived every girls dream by becoming a movie star in the way she did but there were times when it was more of a nightmare for her.  India’s friend Charley felt incredibly resentful about her new-found fame and things started to go downhill from there.

India managed to charm more than a couple of men, they all seemed to fall head over heels for her without her even trying and although I liked her character most of the time, there were times when she really annoyed me, particularly towards the end.  She made some very surprising choices and I often felt like she made life far more complicated than it needed to be.

There were many lies and secrets throughout the whole book – some I was able to predict and some I wasn’t.  There were so many ups and downs that after I had finished I felt like I had been on an emotional rollercoaster ride, I had laughed, cried and even shouted at this book.  It reminded me of a soap because of all the drama, glitz and glamour.  The book was incredibly long (over 800 pages) but I felt that it was appropriate for the story and it managed to hold my interest throughout.

I couldn’t predict how it would end but I did have hopes for how I would like it to end, unfortunately it didn’t happen how I had hoped it would but the epilogue did wrap everything up nicely so I wasn’t too disappointed.  I look forward to reading the follow-up book Illusions of Love, which is waiting patiently on my Kindle, to see if my hopes for India will finally come true.

The book contained some strong language and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this then it probably isn’t for you.

This was a fascinating and emotional read, a real page-turner.

To find out more about Michelle Betham visit her blog here.


9 thoughts on “No Matter What – Michelle Betham

  1. Ooooh this sounds like just my kind of book, and a doorstop too: I LOVE long books. 800 pages, I’m in…. Awesome, thanks for the review, Kate, and huge congrats to Michelle! x


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