All At Sea – Heather Wardell

“Melissa and Owen met on New Years’ Eve and he proposed on Valentine’s Day. Now it’s March, and they’re about to set sail on a two-week Caribbean cruise – and get married on the last day at sea. Though their relationship’s moving fast, Melissa’s wanted to be married for years and she knows the smart stable Owen is a great catch so she’s sure they’ll be fine.

At least, she’s sure until she meets his brothers on the cruise and discovers she’s dated both of them: Austin, the fun-loving flirt whose kisses still haunt her dreams, and Nicholas, the sweet horror movie fan whose lack of ambition upset her in ways she still doesn’t understand.

Melissa expected to spend tons of time onboard with her fiancé, but he instead spends nearly his every waking moment in the casino displaying a previously unseen love of gambling. This surprise, and the time she spends with Nicholas and with Austin, makes her question everything she thought she wanted. 

Her relationship with Owen was just fine before, but suddenly ‘just fine’ doesn’t seem good enough to keep a marriage alive for a lifetime. Melissa has two weeks to decide: stay with Owen or jump ship.”

Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review.  All At Sea is the ninth novel in the Toronto collection but I feel that it still works well as a stand-alone novel. I’ve read, and thoroughly enjoyed, other books by this author and you can find my reviews of them here. I loved this simple yet attractive cover and the blurb certainly intrigued me so I was really looking forward to reading it.

I was pulled into the story pretty quickly – Melissa and Owen’s whirlwind romance really intrigued me and I was confused by the fact that they were considering marriage even though they seemed to be annoying each other so much.  Owen was very controlling and selfish, it didn’t take long for him to start annoying me too!

I really, really enjoyed the moment when Melissa met Owen’s family, it was just so entertaining and cringe-worthy.  The idea of Melissa having dated all three brothers (not all at the same time I might add) without knowing they were related was deliciously unbelievable and that is what made it so interesting for me.

I absolutely love a love-triangle so I felt like I was in heaven with this love-square, particularly when their relationship details were brought up (I will never look at a playground slide in quite the same way again!). As well as all the fun and amusing times there were some very touching moments which brought a tear to my eye so, in my opinion, the book was well-rounded and covered everything.

Having never been on a cruise myself, I enjoyed all the cruise details and thanks to the wonderful descriptions I found myself picturing the scene easily.  I particularly enjoyed reading about the amazing excursions they went on, it almost felt like I was there with them (I wish!).

Throughout the book I tried to figure out which direction it would take in the end and with a couple of wrong guesses along the way I eventually got it right, overall feeling that it was the right ending for the storyline.

This was another fantastic read from Heather Wardell, I just couldn’t put it down and read it in a day – pure escapism!

The All At Sea eBook can be purchased from Amazon UK (for just 77p!), Amazon US, Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Smashwords.  It is also available to buy in print if you prefer that format.

To find out more about Heather Wardell visit her website here.


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