One Perfect Summer – Paige Toon

“Ever wondered what happened to your first love?

Alice is 18 and about to start university while Joe’s life is going nowhere.  A Dorset summer, a chance meeting, and the two of them fall into step as if they have known each other forever.

But their idyll is shattered unexpectedly.  Alice heads off to Cambridge and slowly picks up the pieces of her broken heart.  When she catches the attention of Lukas – gorgeous, gifted, rich boy Lukas – she is carried along by his charm, swept up by his ambitious plans for a future together.

Years later, at just the wrong time, Joe is back, but out of reach in a way that Alice could never have imagined.  Life has moved on, the divide between them is now so great.

Surely it is far too late to recapture that perfect summer of long ago?”

I always look forward to books from Paige Toon because I enjoy them so much, this one had a great synopsis that really intrigued me so I couldn’t wait to get started.

The story began when Alice was 18 and going on a summer break to Dorset with her mum.  Whilst she was there she met handsome barman Joe, also 18, and there was an instant spark between them. Their time together in Dorset was fantastic to read, they had a really natural connection which had me smiling from ear to ear, it was just so romantic!

Joe had some pretty serious family issues which saw the two young lovebirds finding themselves in a dangerous situation.  I wasn’t able to predict a couple of the events that happened towards the end of Alice’s time in Dorset, especially one sad twist that had tears running down my face.

Six months later and Alice was at university, struggling to hold her broken heart together.  Meeting Jessie was a real turning point for her and his friendship seemed to bring her back to life.  During this part of the story it was lovely to find out more about the fascinating history of Cambridge, the descriptions of some of the places Alice visited made me feel like I was there with her.

Meeting Lukas was another turning point in the story, he had an air of mystery about him but the more I learned about him the more I wasn’t sure about his character.  He was very controlling and I couldn’t believe that she would put up with it, especially when he made a shocking announcement about his life back in Germany.

I couldn’t wait for Joe to reappear and I tried to guess how he would make his return but I wasn’t expecting the way it actually happened.  There was a gasp out loud moment when he was being interviewed and a phone call that actually gave me goosebumps!  What followed was so exciting and I was really rooting for them but unfortunately this is where the book ended (my exact reaction at this point was ‘noooooooo’) – apparently there is going to be a sequel and I can’t believe I’ve got to wait to find out what happens next!

Paige Toon really has the ability to captivate me with her writing, I simply could not put this book down and greedily devoured the words within just one day.

One Perfect Summer can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon or from most good book retailers.


4 thoughts on “One Perfect Summer – Paige Toon

  1. I loved One Perfect Summer too Kate. Being a Dorset person I can vouch for the authenticity of those scenes and like you, I felt as if I was there in Cambridge too. Fab review x


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