Arcadia’s Gift – Jesi Lea Ryan And International Giveaway


“Most people who experience death don’t live to tell about it.

When sixteen year old Arcadia “Cady” Day wakes in a hospital after experiencing what can only be called a psychic episode, she finds her family in tatters. With her twin sister gone, her dad moved out, her mom’s spiraling depression and her sister’s boyfriend, Cane, barely able to look at her, the only bright spot in her life is Bryan Sullivan, the new guy in school. When Bryan’s around, Cady can almost pretend she’s a regular girl, living a regular life; when he’s not, she’s wracked with wild, inexplicable mood swings.

As her home life crumbles and her emotional control slips away, Cady begins to suspect that her first psychic episode was just the beginning…”

Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me an ecopy of this book to read and review.

The prologue was very intriguing and had me coming up with all sorts of explanations in my mind, it really caught my attention straight away and made me want to read on.

Arcadia (Cady) and Avalon (Lony) were twins but they didn’t seem to get on very well, we find out later in the story that they were extremely close when they were younger and this change in their relationship came about as they grew up.  Their parents were having problems of their own and I couldn’t help but feel that this was partly the reason why Cady and Lony’s relationship was so strained.

Cady was a very likeable character, at school she had a couple of good friends but wasn’t as popular as her cheerleader sister.  When Cady bumped into new boy Bryan and began spending more time with him I was really pleased for her and as they became closer I could almost feel the electricity between them.  It was slightly obvious that they would get together eventually but a sudden announcement by Bryan really shocked me and I started to doubt my own predicting skills!

Cady’s night out with Lony and her friends was a major turning point in the story, what happened during that evening changed her life completely.  It was at this moment that the prologue made sense to me and I found myself going back to read it with fresh eyes.  Events after this night were so heartbreaking and there were quite a few moments that had me crying in sadness.

I was very curious about Cady’s neighbour, she seemed to know a lot about Cady and her family even though they hadn’t spoken to each other before.  When the neighbour’s secret was revealed I was surprised but it kind of all made sense, it was like all the jigsaw pieces were starting to fit together.

Cady’s ability brought a whole new wave of confusion to her life but at the same time it enabled her to understand some of what she had been going through.  There was an emotional moment where she revisited the scene that had caused her so much heartache and soon after this all hell seemed to break loose, resulting in Cady discovering yet another talent!

Something that I really didn’t expect was the introduction of a possible love triangle.  If you have read my previous reviews then you’ll know that I’m a big fan of love triangles in books so this was a very exciting part for me, especially as I hadn’t been expecting it.

This is a touching story with a paranormal twist that I read in just a few hours because I couldn’t put it down.  I really want to see where Cady’s powers will take her so I’m looking forward to the next installment!

Arcadia’s Gift can be purchased from Amazon UK (current price £2.61) or Amazon US.

To find out more about Jesi Lea Ryan visit her blog here, follow her on Twitter or like her page on Facebook.


The author has kindly offered 3 eBooks of Arcadia’s Gift to give away to readers of Me, My Books and I.

It is very easy to enter, simply leave a comment below telling me which magical/psychic gift you would most like to have.  Mine would definitely be mind reading because I’m nosy and would love to know everyone’s secret thoughts! 🙂

The giveaway is International and will run for one week ending at 10am GMT on Monday 15 October 2012.  Any entries received after that time will not be counted.  The three winners will be chosen at random.

Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Arcadia’s Gift – Jesi Lea Ryan And International Giveaway

  1. I would like to be able to breathe underwater, so I could spend an infinite amount of time underwater when I feel like doing so (:

    Thanks for the giveaway, this book sounds like an exciting read!


  2. I would love to be able to read only one mind – my husband’s. That way I would know what he’s thinking when he takes those long, Mr. Darcy-like pauses.


  3. I’d like to be able to read super ridiculously quickly. Then I could read all the books that I would like to but just don’t have the time to read!


  4. I would like to be invisible so I can hear what my kids say when I am not around. I could probably use an old baby monitor to ear wig just the same but saying ‘super power’ makes it seem more above board!


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