Somebody To Love – Sheryl Browne

“After that idiot of a husband ran off with that broomstick of a girl, single-mom Donna thinks there’s no sunshine in her future. What she needs now is a hunk of a guy who loves her and her three-legged dog with no complications.

Solution? Call the police.

Mark is a single dad with two big worries – protect and serve, and his autistic son Karl. Desperately he wants someone who’ll love him and his son without question and with no complications. He’s been hurt before and Karl needs stability – not short dates. So he’ll do anything for his kid – even lie to protect him.

Can these two get it together and get together? Is Mark the hunk Donna needs? Is Donna the rock Mark can lean on? If they look hard enough, they’ll find Somebody to Love.”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon (its current price at the time of writing this review is £1.98).

I was quickly absorbed by the story and ended up staying awake until past midnight with the old ‘just one more chapter’ routine.  This meant that I finished the book in less than a day – I was just so engrossed in the characters lives that I had to know what would happen next for them.

When Donna and Mark met for the first time they got very friendly very quickly and I was a bit surprised when they began blurting out their feelings for one another – at that point I thought the story would be over before it had started!  Things soon cooled down and actually appeared to move backwards instead of forwards, this was one of the things that kept my interest so fully because I was wondering if or when they would get together.

The characters were all interesting, with the only exception being Donna’s ex-husband who was definitely the villain of the story.  There were also lots of pets in the story and this always gets a few extra points from me because I’m such an animal lover, Sadie the three-legged dog was a particular favourite.

Now to mention Mark, lovely lovely Mark, he was adorable and I have to confess to falling a little bit in love with him.  He was kind and caring but tough and gorgeous as well, I loved him and Donna as a couple because they were so much fun together.  His son Karl had autism spectrum disorder, something I didn’t really know much about so this side of the story I found incredibly interesting.  The story showed how the disorder affected the family as well as the child and Karl, the child in question, quickly became my favourite character.  I loved his interaction with Starbuck the dog, it was really touching to read, I had tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face many times whilst reading about Karl’s progression.

This book had funny and sad times, many misunderstandings, heart-warming moments and towards the end things even took a sinister turn.  All this combined made Somebody To Love a fantastic page-turner that I would definitely recommend.

To find out more about Sheryl Browne visit her website here.


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