White Wedding – Milly Johnson

“They met on the search for the wedding dress of their dreams.  But will they find more than they bargained for…?

Heir to a chocolate dynasty Bel is in the midst of planning her perfect wedding to Richard,the love of her life, when disaster strikes and everything she holds dear starts to fall apart.

Ice-cream parlour owner Violet is engaged to Glyn though she fell out of love with him long ago.  But, unhappy though she is, somehow  she can’t quite say the words, ‘I don’t want to marry you any more.’ 

Self-made businesswoman Max was planning a quick registry office do with her fiancé Stuart, but as the day approaches she can’t quite shake her childhood dream of a big fat fairy-tale wedding with all the trimmings.

All three women are brought together at the White Wedding bridal shop, on the search for the perfect dress for their big day.  It’s owner Freya guarantees that her gowns will bring them happiness – though maybe not in quite the way they expected…”

I really enjoyed all the previous Milly Johnson books that I’ve read so I was looking forward to reading this one which is her latest novel.

I loved the idea that these three women, who had never met before, came together in a bridal shop and ended up forging a really close, strong friendship.  This friendship was very natural and, at times, comforting which made me feel that fate had brought them all together.

I really liked all the main characters, Max was so enthusiastic and I loved that because it was very entertaining to read, she was a strong character who knew just what she wanted and how to get it.

I felt incredibly sad for Violet – just reading about her life made me feel like a bird trapped in a cage.  I loved her vision for the ice-cream parlour and as it was all coming together I found myself wanting to go there, to experience the delicious-sounding ice-cream she was making.  She had a lovely Nan who I really took to because she reminded me of people in my own life, one part that I particularly enjoyed and giggled at was the bottle opener incident so look out for that if you read it!

Bel was a fun, cheeky character and I had a feeling she was up to something, I had a little guess at what that might be and was pleased to find out that I was right!  What ensued was entertaining and explosive so keep an eye out for that part too!  I also thoroughly enjoyed the time she spent in her family’s cottage, it was funny and I felt like it helped me understand her better.

There were many things in this book that had me laughing out loud and a few moments that made me feel very sad, sometimes I did find it a little bit predictable but that didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book in the slightest.  Actually there were a couple of big shocks towards the end that I really hadn’t seen coming so it wasn’t all predictable.

Had I not already been married I think I probably would’ve felt very nervous about the whole idea after reading this book, this might be worth considering if you are planning a wedding yourself!

This is a fun and, at the same time, emotional book that I really enjoyed.

White Wedding can be purchased from The Book DepositoryAmazon
or from most good book retailers.

To find out more about Milly Johnson visit her website here.


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