Killer Heels – Rebecca Chance

“From the boardroom to the bedroom, the catwalk to the gutter, it’s the survival of the fittest to stay on top…

From the suburbs of Luton to the avenues of Manhattan, starry-eyed fashionista Coco Raeburn has worked her way up the ladder.  She’ll do anything to get her own editorship at a top fashion magazine – even if it means starving herself half to death.

Her idol is ruthless boss Victoria Glossop, editor at top fashion magazine Style.  She has her own ambitions and nothing will come between her and her goal – at least not until an enigmatic stranger comes into her life and thaws the ice queen in the most wicked ways possible.

Svengali Jacob Dupleix, media magnate and owner of Style, is one of the most powerful men in New York and London.  But is the glittering empire he has built about to collapse due to a dangerous liaison…?”

Before I started blogging I read and enjoyed Bad Girls by Rebecca Chance so when I saw her latest book on the shelves of my local supermarket I just couldn’t resist buying it.

It was clear right from the start that Coco/Jodie had problems, I thought that she was a character who I wouldn’t be able to warm to at all but I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was actually quite likeable and ended up being my favourite character.  I really enjoyed following her progression throughout the book, even though there were times when I wanted to reach into the book and shake her for being so silly!

Victoria was a powerful and ruthless woman who stood her ground in the glamorous and cut-throat world of fashion and magazine publishing.  I was rather confused by her relationship with her husband to begin with but as I read further it all started to make more sense.  I had very mixed feelings about Jacob, one minute I would quite like him and the next minute I would seriously dislike him.  Even after I had finished the book I still couldn’t decide how I really felt about him.

The story switches from then and now with four years in between, I found myself trying to predict what might have happened within those years to end up as they were in the now.  I didn’t seem to be very good at predicting though and there were quite a few surprises along the way that literally had me gasping in shock.

There were a few rather steamy sex scenes and some swearing, which I felt were perfectly appropriate for the story but if this would offend you then Killer Heels might not be a book for you.

Towards the end I did feel that it went on a bit and I began to lose interest, that was until I got to a certain part that was very tense, dramatic and completely gripping – I just had to know what would happen!

What appeals to me about this kind of book is that the glitz and glamour is so far from my own life and that is what fiction is all about for me.  It’s fun to feel a part of a different world for the time you are reading but I often find that it makes me appreciate what I’ve got in the real world, particularly with this book because I could never be a fashionista or work in the magazine world, I would hate to live like that!

This is a glamorous and sexual book with lots of twists and turns.

Killer Heels can be purchased here or from most good book retailers.

To find out more about Rebecca Chance visit her website here.


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