Stolen Night – Rebecca Maizel

“After 500 years as a Vampire Queen a sinister ritual transformed Lenah Beaudonte into a living, breathing teenage girl – a girl with a beating heart, capable once again of human love.

Now Lenah has been presented with an impossible choice: go back through history to before she became the cruel vampire that she once was and undo all her evil deeds, but never meet and fall in love with the darkly gorgeous Rhode.  Or continue her life in the present with Rhode nearby but beyond her reach forever…”

I had really been looking forward to reading this after absolutely loving Infinite Days (review here).

I pretty much loved everything about this book – I loved the style of writing, the gorgeous cover, the characters and most of all I loved the fantastic storyline!

It was action-packed right from the start and I quickly fell back into the story, this time Lenah was struggling with her confused feelings and she faced new dangers that threatened everything.

I loved Vicken in this book, previously I could only think of him as the bad guy but I saw a different side of him in this one.  He was cheeky and had a very laid-back attitude which really made me like him. Rhode confused me, it wasn’t until the end when all the pieces of the puzzle had been put together that I understood his behaviour.

I was completely absorbed by this story, as the tension built throughout the book I found that I simply could not stop reading (yes you guessed it, this is another one-day read).  A surprise twist near the end really shocked me and I finished the book with tears running down my face.

The epilogue was very interesting and opens up many new questions for the next book, I just hope we don’t have to wait too long for it!

An amazing sequel that caught me from the first page and wouldn’t let me go until the very last.

You can buy Stolen Night here with free worldwide delivery.

To find out more about Rebecca Maizel visit her website here.


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