Dreamless – Josephine Angelini

“Heartbroken and forbidden from being with Lucas, Helen has been tasked with breaking the curse that keeps them apart by killing the Furies.  She spends her nights wandering the Underworld in search of them and, tormented by her worst nightmares made real, she’s beginning to suffer from extreme exhaustion on top of her heartbreak.

One night, Helen meets another person down in the shadowy Underworld: Orion, descended from Adonis and with the power to control desire.  Still in love with Lucas but drawn to this seductive stranger, Helen must make a choice that could save her life but break her heart…”

I was really looking forward to reading this book, I loved Starcrossed (review here) and couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next.  This eagerness, combined with the amazingly addictive way it has been written, meant that this book joins the rest of the one-day read pile!

Seeing as it was a year ago that I read the last book, I found that I struggled a bit at the beginning to remember who some of the characters were and what roles they played in the story.  It didn’t take long to come back to me though and I was soon completely caught up in this mythological tale once more.

The Underworld parts were very dark and uncomfortable, I felt incredibly sad that Helen had to go through all of that on top of the heartache she was already suffering.  The forbidden love between her and Lucas was fantastic to read, as the reader I knew the truth and I think this made the whole situation much harder.  I really got a sense of Helen’s emotions – it was almost like her loneliness was jumping out of the page at me.

The introduction of Orion made this trilogy even more exciting, he was a character that I instantly liked but I felt there was a lot more to him than meets the eye and I hope to see more of this in the next book.  I’m also hoping that the love triangle is going to get even more exciting in the future, I’m a huge fan of a good love triangle.

Every twist, turn and battle throughout the book made me want more, I devoured the pages greedily and I just couldn’t put the book down. There were so many new complications for the characters to face that sometimes I found it difficult to keep up with it all, but the writing made me feel like I was there with them so I overcame the confusion and just enjoyed the ride!

Another amazing and exciting book, I can’t wait for the next instalment.

Dreamless can be purchased here or from most good book retailers.

To find out more about Josephine Angelini visit her website here.



2 thoughts on “Dreamless – Josephine Angelini

  1. I’m glad you loved this so much, Kate & that you are enjoying the love triangle as I know some aren’t so exciting. I have this sitting in my house waiting to be read but I need to get the first book first lol. Thanks for a great review! 🙂


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