Wild – Aprilynne Pike

“Laurel is a faerie, but one brought up as a human.  Since discovering her true identity she has been torn between two worlds – and between her faerie-guard, Tamani, and her human boyfriend, David.  Laurel thought she had chosen wisely, but now the walls that separate her worlds are crumbling and enemies are moving closer.  Who can Laurel trust?”

This series just gets better and better – after the last book I was left wondering what Tamani was up to, I was pleased to find out what it was (it wasn’t something I had expected either so it had a nice element of surprise to it).

To begin with I was still thoroughly intrigued by Klea, she was mysterious and I wasn’t sure if she could be trusted.  The arrival of Yuki also raised many questions and it wasn’t until the end of this book that we start to get an idea as to who they both are.

Chelsea still provided some funny moments and even Shar made me chuckle at his confusion over his iPhone.  The faerie guards were more integrated in the human world this time and I really enjoyed that part of it.

Laurel was more confident in this book than the other two and I enjoyed seeing this growth in her character.  For a while Tamani seemed to be losing some of his cocky charm that I liked so much but soon picked it up again towards the end, yay!  The animosity between him and David was also much stronger this time and when they finally came head to head I found it very exciting.

After reading this book I’m still ‘Team Tamani’, although I do like David and I think he is a great friend for Laurel to have, but I feel like it makes more sense for her to be with Tamani (probably something to do with the fact that they are both faeries).

This was another intense instalment that I read in less than a day, I found it so difficult to put this book down especially towards the end when they were slowly piecing the clues together.

Every one of these books have had a fantastic ending that left me wanting more, I already have the last book Destined so I can’t wait to get started on it to finally find out how this amazing series ends.

To find out more about Aprilynne Pike visit her website here.


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