Too Much Trouble in Paradise – Michelle Betham

“Molly Parker is a DWAG – a darts wife and girlfriend. Or rather, she’s an ex-DWAG after divorcing Paul “Bad Lad” Parker after catching him aiming more than his arrows in the direction of more than a few very willing glamour models. 

So, leaving her life – and her ex-husband – behind in their native North East of England, she moves to the Canarian island of Tenerife with her best friend Fran, putting the past behind her, determined to start a whole new life abroad.

Within months of arriving on the island she finds herself engaged to her Spanish boyfriend Antonio and with their whirlwind wedding just weeks away she’s the happiest she’s been in a long time with a great job at a Timeshare complex, fantastic friends, and a lovely little home in a country she’s fallen completely in love with. 

But what Molly didn’t bank on was her ex-husband turning up out of the blue declaring his undying love for her and begging her to come back to him. His unannounced arrival turns Molly’s new and seemingly perfect life upside down as she suddenly has to face up to feelings she’d thought were long gone.

Does she stay in Tenerife and marry her wonderful, romantic, drop-dead-gorgeous Spanish fiancé? Or does she give the man she’d once loved but who’d treated her so badly another chance?”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon.

From the outset the descriptions of Tenerife made me feel warm which was perfect seeing as it was a cold, rainy day outside my window.

Molly and Fran moved to Tenerife for a fresh start, they made some lovely new friends and seemed to enjoy their new lives.  Molly was even engaged to a gorgeous Spanish man who treated her like a princess but for some reason she couldn’t get her cheating ex-husband out of her mind. When he arrived in Tenerife it threatened everything she had built for herself since she left him and I was yelling at my Kindle wanting her to be strong and tell him where to go!

I found myself getting annoyed with Molly when she was going back and forth trying to make her mind up – it irritated me that she would treat Antonio (her Spanish fiancé) in that way because I liked him, he was much more understanding than he should have been.  Clearly I disliked Paul (her ex-husband) although there were a few times when he did something that made me warm to him a bit.

Darts is really not my thing but I actually found it all completely fascinating to read about, my husband often watches darts on TV and this gave me a behind the scenes insight which I enjoyed.  It was the same with the timeshares – I found myself really intrigued by it all!

This book was like reading a soap, there were so many ups and downs, some that were predictable and some that really weren’t.  I just had to keep reading to find out what would happen next and which way Molly would decide to go.

If I’m honest I would have preferred a different ending, even though it was quite romantic I had just hoped for something else.

This is a sunny, enjoyable read, perfect for the beach!

To find out more about Michelle Betham visit her blog here.



5 thoughts on “Too Much Trouble in Paradise – Michelle Betham

  1. I love your fresh, sunny and honest reviews, Kate! This book has been on my ever-growing TBR for a long time and I hope to get to it very soon. Thanks for posting today. x


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