Slide – Jill Hathaway

“Vee Bell hates having narcolepsy.  But collapsing at school is nowhere near as bad as the truth – when Vee passes out she slides into other people’s heads and ends up seeing through their eyes.  Then Vee finds herself in the head of a killer, standing over the body of a cheerleader.

Now another cheerleader is dead, and everyone is a suspect.  Struggling to understand her terrifying and unwanted ‘gift’, Vee is tangled in a web of secrets, lies and danger …”

When I read the synopsis of this book I knew I had to read it, the idea of ‘sliding’ really intrigued me because it is very different to anything I’ve read before.

Vee has all the usual high school issues and on top of that she finds herself sliding into people’s minds at the most inconvenient times – her strange first kiss and a disastrous homecoming dance being just a couple of those times.  She feels very alone because of this secret she carries around with her and she feels unable to tell anyone about it after her dad dismissed it as attention seeking.

The moment she slid into the mind of a killer made great reading, it was so intense and I felt like I could feel the fear and panic that Vee was feeling.  Trying to figure out who the killer might be was truly nail-biting, my theories as to who it was kept on changing and I just couldn’t stop reading because I had to find out, this meant that I read the book in just a few hours.

I was intrigued by the relationship between Vee and Rollins because he seemed to be keeping secrets and then as the story progressed I was interested to see how her relationship with Zane would turn out, he seemed a little bit too perfect for my liking.

As Vee gets closer to discovering who the killer is she also manages to uncover a few shocking secrets that are vital to the story.  Towards the end one of the theories I had about the killer seemed to be piecing together nicely so that I thought I had predicted correctly, but it turned out that I was wrong and I was actually quite surprised to see who it really was!

After I had finished the book I definitely had the feeling that I wanted more from these characters, I felt that there could be a lot more ahead for them so I was pleased to discover that there will be a sequel called Imposter which is due to be released in Spring 2013, I’m really looking forward to it.

An intriguing and exciting read that I just couldn’t put down.

Slide can be purchased here or from most good book retailers.

To find out more about Jill Hathaway visit her website here.


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