Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe? – Hazel Osmond

Ellie Somerset loves her career-obsessed boyfriend Sam and she loves her job as an advertising copywriter. But Sam is always at work and her fresh ideas keep being overlooked. 

Her life gets more complicated when new boss Jack Wolfe – Heathcliff in Jeans – arrives at the agency. With his brooding good looks, trademark scowl and plans for change, he challenges Ellie to smarten up and prove herself. 

To Ellie’s horror, she finds herself both repelled and attracted to the sexy and dangerous Jack. But this particular wolf has an awful lot to hide…”

I bought this eBook from Amazon after receiving a recommendation from Sharon at Jera’s Jamboree. I’m so glad she brought it to my attention because it was a fantastic book, another one day read in fact!

Before the story began it says “To everyone who likes to have the last word …” and this made me smile because I’ve been told many times that I always have to have the last word, I felt like I was meant to read this book.

Mr Wolfe (Jack) is a wonderful character with so many good and bad points that made me fall in love with him one minute and despise him the next.  He’s good-looking, isn’t afraid to say what he thinks and is a womanizing bad-boy – the kind of man I always like to read about!

I liked Ellie’s quick wit and determination, she ends up in some awkward situations but still manages to keep calm.  I particularly enjoyed a moment near the beginning where she is buying her lunch and a discussion about melons and tails ends up with Ellie cringing in embarrassment.  There is also a rather fun ‘Thong Song’ that you must look out for if you read this – it had me laughing out loud.

Ellie and Jack don’t get off to the best of starts but soon things take a different direction.  There is a fine line between love and hate and the sexual tension throughout the story is palpable.  I had kind of guessed how things would end up for them both but I enjoyed the journey nonetheless, in fact a couple of the twists and turns made me wonder if I had got it all wrong.

Aside from all the fun and games going on between Ellie and Jack there were also a couple of really lovely moments between Ellie and her Aunt Edith, this was one of the reasons I had tears running down my face near the end.  Another emotional moment for me was finding out the truth behind Jack’s past and the reason he behaved like he did.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and unputdownable book that I would highly recommend.

To find out more about Hazel Osmond visit her website here.



7 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe? – Hazel Osmond

  1. I went to Amazon this morning to check it out and couldn’t find the ebook. 😦 I’ll try again later today. Great review, looks like something I should definitely check out.


      1. It looks like it’s only offered as an ebook at Amazon.uk. I’ll keep looking though. The US paperback is almost the same price as an ebook though. Thanks for the recommendation. Not that I need to, but I’m always looking for more books. 😉


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