Someone Else’s Fairytale – E.M. Tippetts

Jason Vanderholt, Hollywood’s hottest actor, falls head over heels for everygirl, Chloe Winters, who hasn’t gotten around to watching most of his movies. She becomes the woman every other woman in America is dying to be, but it just isn’t her fairytale.”

I got this eBook when it was available as a free download on Amazon because it sounded like a good read.

Although I liked the sound of the synopsis I now feel like it doesn’t do the book justice because it was so much more than just a girl getting involved with a Hollywood superstar.  I was expecting a standard modern fairytale but this had so many extra factors that made it completely unputdownable for me.  As well as the romantic side there were some deep and serious moments and it also holds a good message with regards to the sexual side of relationships.

From the very start I took a liking to Chloe because she seemed strong and knew her own mind, she did seem quite secretive about her past and the mysterious scars on her leg, the reason for all this is revealed as I got further into the story.  Chloe’s friend Lori was another favourite of mine – she was fun, bubbly and completely into the whole celebrity scene, in fact she was the opposite of Chloe which I think is why their friendship was so much fun to read about.

I enjoyed the interesting insight into the crazy world of a movie star, Jason is gorgeous, rich and hard to resist except Chloe does resist him, she wasn’t at all star-struck and that seemed to make Jason want her more.  I liked their Skype chats, Jason was really sweet and honest with her and I couldn’t figure out why Chloe wasn’t more interested in him.

I got really involved with Chloe’s life so towards the end when things started to get confusing I was genuinely worried for her, when the reason for all the confusion was revealed I was shocked because I hadn’t even thought of that happening!  This was something else I liked about the story – all the unexpected twists, I couldn’t predict what was going to happen next and I liked that.

I found myself not wanting the story to end, I was enjoying it so much and I still would like to know what happens next in Chloe’s life.

A surprising and wonderfully enjoyable book.

To find out more about E.M. Tippetts visit her blog here.


6 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Fairytale – E.M. Tippetts

  1. I think I got this one too, I have to check my kindle! I know I follow the author on twitter as I recognise her name. A lovely review, I like how you’ve told us that there is more to it than might be expected from the synopsis, and love to read how you reacted to the story, you’ve made me keen to read it now x


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