Chasing Daisy – Paige Toon

“Daisy Rogers is in love – and that’s no good thing.  It’s not just that her very famous ex is neither out of sight nor out of mind, but that the man of her dreams, William Trust, has a girlfriend – a childhood sweetheart, no less.  And as a Formula 1 racing driver, he puts his life at risk every day he goes to work.

From Melbourne to Monte Carlo, and São Paulo to Singapore, Daisy and her best friend Holly travel the world as hospitality girls on the Grand Prix scene.  But with more secrets between them than Paris Hilton has shoes, life promises to be nothing short of a whirlwind.”

I’m on a mission to read all of Paige Toon’s books because the ones I have already read I’ve really enjoyed, this was the next on my list and I wasn’t surprised to find that it was just as great as the others.  I was totally addicted to this story, I just couldn’t put it down and ended up reading it in one day (I seem to be doing that a lot lately, there are so many brilliant books around).

I loved Daisy straight away, she was feisty and funny which meant that I was always wondering what was going to happen next.  I really enjoyed the banter between Luis and Daisy, their first meeting at the start of the book had me laughing out loud (always a great start to a book).  Luis is a bit of a ladies man and for some reason I always seem to prefer those characters in books so he was definitely a favourite of mine.  Will was sweet but something seemed off about him – after I had finished the book I still felt like I hadn’t worked him out.

It was great to read all the behind the scenes action from the Formula 1 world, when I think of Formula 1 I just see the cars and drivers, this made me think of all the people behind all of that, those who make the whole thing possible.

Further on in the story there was a huge unexpected twist that I honestly didn’t see coming, so on top of the fun and laughter this book also made me feel incredibly sad, I could actually feel my heart sink because I had become so involved with the characters and I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

As the synopsis suggests, there are many secrets that are uncovered throughout the book, some that I had figured out and some that I hadn’t.  It certainly kept me on my toes and prevented me from putting the book down as I was always waiting for the next big revelation.

This was another entertaining and unputdownable read from Paige Toon, I can’t wait to carry on with my mission and read more of her wonderful books!

Chasing Daisy can be purchased here or from most good book retailers.


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