FutureScapes Creative Writing Competition


Attention all budding writers, FutureScapes is an exciting new project which imagines how the world might look in 2025. It’s not about predicting one future, but exploring the opportunities and challenges that life in 2025 might hold and the potential role technology could play in shaping our world for the better.


The Guardian and Sony have teamed up with the FutureScapes project to invite all budding writers to submit their visions of the year 2025 to a short story competition so why not unleash your imagination, visualise life in the year 2025, and how technology might help us live more sustainable lifestyles.

Be inspired by the exclusive short stories written by best-selling authors including Michael Marshall Smith, Marcus Sedgwick and Lesley Lokko.  These stories can be found here to help provide some inspiration to create your own short story, imagining the world of 2025.

Think about how our world might change over the next 13 years, and how your life could be affected. There are four possible 2025 scenarios here to help inspire you and get you thinking.

There is no entry fee for this competition, only one entry per person is allowed and the winner will receive some amazing prizes:

A Sony Tablet, a Sony eReader and your story published alongside the award-winning authors online.

The closing date for entries is 15th March 2012 and the competition entry page is here.

Good luck to all those who enter.


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