Living Dangerously – Katie Fforde

“Polly Cameron is happy being thirty-five and celibate, living in a small Gloucestershire town with a possessive cat for company and a Rayburn for comfort.  After all, a relationship would only complicate things.

But Polly’s life is already complicated.  In addition to her job in the Whole Nut café and her part in the ‘Save Our High Street’ campaign, there’s her pottery career to get off the ground.  Not to mention dodging the efforts of her friends and mother to find her a husband …”

I found that this story took me a while to get into but once I did it was definitely addictive – I really wanted to find out what Polly would decide to do with her life.

Polly is a cautious character who is happy living the single and celibate life, she had some not so great experiences when she was younger and this has left her unwilling to jump into the dating scene.  Her friends and mother all urge her to give men a chance and they keep trying to set her up, this has some funny consequences that had me laughing out loud.

There were many great characters in this story – Tristan is cheeky and persistent with a unscrupulous edge, Patrick is a young, misunderstood boy who I thought was actually really nice and had a good head on his shoulders.  David is a character who I continually changed my mind about, I disliked him then liked him, then disliked him then liked him again!  He’s a gentleman but also very mysterious, he doesn’t always show his true feelings and to me this sometimes came across as being rather arrogant.

I have to admit that some of the decisions Polly made confused me, she seemed to push people away without giving them a chance and I couldn’t see the reason for it.  I really did like her character though and I found myself getting annoyed with her for having so much self doubt.

This is a lovely light book that is great for curling up on the sofa with, perfect escapism.  I will definitely be reading more from Katie Fforde.


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