Princess Diana – The Day She Didn’t Die – Heath Samples with Claire Hooper

“Have you ever wondered how Princess Diana’s life would have turned out if she survived the car crash that fateful August night?

Told in an explosive and thrilling storyline. The car crash, what did she think just happened?Diana’s relationship with Dodi, what would life look like if they had a child together…Was Diana’s car crash an attempt to kill her? What if something like that were to happen again, how could it happen- again.

Diana is under pressure from the Royal Establishment, her family and her friends- which way will she turn, and to who”

First of all I’d like to thank Heath Samples (@authorheathsamp on twitter) for sending me this eBook to review.

Wow, what an unusual but fascinating concept for a story! I was thoroughly intrigued by this book and couldn’t wait to read it – I certainly wasn’t let down.

It has been beautifully written from Diana’s perspective, firstly of the car crash and the chaos surrounding it, and also of the events that followed. I have to admit that I didn’t expect to find it so believable – knowing what actually happened on that day I thought I’d find it difficult to imagine Dodi and Diana surviving and carrying on with their lives, but I was so caught up in the story and the surreal feeling of reading about Diana’s life as it could have been, that I had to remind myself that what I was reading was actually fiction.

The story is also told from Ella’s perspective, Ella is a student who follows Diana’s life closely and seems to try to live her life as similar to Diana as she possibly can. She is a likeable character who is clearly inspired by Diana, something that I think many people were, and would still be if she was with us today.

The ending was fantastic with cliffhangers for both Diana and Ella, I would love to read a sequel to this book as I am keen to find out what happens next for both of them.

This is a must read for anyone with an interest in Diana or for those who have ever wondered ‘what if’, it made me think of other major events in our history and got me wondering how things would be now if those events had never happened.

A surreal and fascinating book that is difficult to put down.

Princess Diana – The Day She Didn’t Die is available to buy from Amazon.


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