Pictures of Lily – Paige Toon

“Ten years ago when Lily was just sixteen, she fell in love with someone she really shouldn’t have fallen in love with.  Now, living in Sydney and engaged to another man, she can’t forget the one that got away.  Then her past comes back to haunt her, and she has to make a decision that will break her heart – and the heart of at least one of the men who love her.”

This was an impulse buy, I loved the cover and when I read the blurb I knew it was my kind of book.

Well, I was right because I absolutely adored this story, I just couldn’t put it down, the story drew me in and wouldn’t let go until I had finished!

The start of the book was fab, sixteen year old Lily is your typical moody teenager, although seeing as she’s been dragged away from her home in London to live in Australia I think I can understand her point of view.  She actually reminded me of myself at that age so I could really relate to her and her feelings.  Even when Lily is older it was like I could feel what she was feeling, her confusion, her happiness and even her gut wrenching sadness.

I liked the way the book had been written in a then and now format, I felt that it gave me a better insight into her personality and maybe that was the reason I could relate to her so well.  I really enjoyed the animal influences at the beginning of the story, it was fascinating to read about the conservation park from the side of the keepers and the things that they do to help the animals in their care.

The love triangle is beautifully written, I actually liked all of the male characters in this story so I couldn’t decide which way I wanted her to go.  You can really feel Lily’s confusion at the heartbreaking choice she has to make and although I did manage to predict what her choice would be I thoroughly enjoyed following her journey to making that decision.

This is a touching story that played with all my emotions, I look forward to reading more from Paige Toon.


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