Blank Slate Kate – Heather Wardell

“Waking up with a strange man is scary. Realizing you lost fifteen years of your life overnight? That’s terrifying. With her memories from seventeen to thirty-two gone, Kate has no idea who she is and where she belongs. As she begins to fall for the man who found her, she wonders if she forgot those years for a reason. Should she keep trying to retrieve her original self, or start a new life?” 

I bought this book from iBooks after reading a review on Books to Remember, it seemed like the kind of story I would enjoy and it certainly was!

The story jumps straight in to the action which meant I was hooked from the very first page, it was a struggle just to stop reading for the school run.  There are so many questions in the story that I needed (yes, needed) to get the answers to so I had to keep on reading until I found out.

I love the idea for the story and although I’ve read other stories based on amnesia I didn’t feel it was a case of ‘once you’ve read one, you’ve read them all’ because this seemed very different.  For a start it includes the very serious topic of depression, something that made me feel sad for Kate but it was written in such a way that it didn’t overtake everything else in the story.

As I always do when I’m reading I made predictions about how things would turn out, usually I am pretty good at it but this book well and truly beat me – it ended up completely different to how I thought it would, I actually gasped out loud at one of the revelations towards the end of the story and my husband thought something had really happened (when will he learn??).

This was such an enjoyable read, one that I just didn’t want to end.  I look forward to reading it again with fresh eyes now that I know all the secrets and will definitely be reading more from Heather Wardell.


4 thoughts on “Blank Slate Kate – Heather Wardell

  1. Lovely review Kate, I’m so happy you enjoyed Blank Slate Kate as much as I did:) And thanks so much for mentioning my blog in your awesome review. Really means much dear friend:) Have a fab Sunday:) xx


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