Snowbound on the Island – Kate Allan

“After the break up of a long-term relationship Lisa escapes to the remote Isles of Scilly, twenty eight miles off the coast of Cornwall, for a new year reunion with old college friends. But as winter weather sweeps across Britain the airports close and only two people make it: Lisa and Dominic. She always thought him attractive and he still is, but he doesn’t even seem to remember her.”

First of all I’d like to thank Kate Allan (@kate_allan on Twitter) for sending me this eBook short story to review.

Kate has had 7 books traditionally published and has self-published for the first time with this short story.

After reading the synopsis of this story I knew it would be my kind of book and it definitely was. It was very romantic and I feel like the phrase ‘short and sweet’ was kind of made for this story.

The two main characters, Lisa and Dominic, were fun and likeable, they oozed a sexual tension that kept you in suspense throughout the story. I liked the whole reunion gone wrong idea, it seemed like fate certainly had a part to play in Lisa and Dominic being thrown together.

This is a lighthearted, fast paced tale of love/lust at first sight that I really enjoyed reading.

Snowbound on the Island is available to buy from Amazon now and will soon be available from other eBook retailers.


3 thoughts on “Snowbound on the Island – Kate Allan

  1. I would love a paperback or hardback copy of this book as I haven’t got a kindle or anything like it. I just love holding a book. Can anyone tell me where I can but this story as a BOOK please.


    1. Hi, when I was sent the ecopy to review the author said that this would only be available as an ebook. There is a Kindle for PC app that you can download for free from Amazon, so then you could read ebooks on your computer?

      The author’s website is here if you wanted to contact her.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


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