Turn The Tides Gently – Matt Wingett

“A young man encounters what he thinks is a mythical creature living in the seas around the island city of Portsmouth. Is he going mad? Or is his encounter set to change his world in ways he never expected?

Every nook and cranny of the island city of Portsmouth is filled with history, and Dave is more sensitive to it than anyone. Troubled by the death of his brother and rejection by his mother, he has withdrawn into a world of his own in which he hallucinates a safe and comforting past.

But one night as he walks the island’s shore, he encounters something that disturbs his dreamy world forever. Dave cannot quite tell whether this new vision has come to open new possibilities, or to upset his world completely.”

First of all I’d like to thank Matt Wingett (@TurnTheTidesGen on Twitter) for sending me this eBook novella to review.

This book interested me because it is set in Portsmouth which is not far from where I live, plus I’ve always loved mermaid stories.

As I was reading I got the feeling of darkness and sadness in Dave’s life, there was something mysterious about him that I couldn’t quite figure out until I got to the end of the story.  Dave was a likeable character who I really felt for – you could sense his confusion at what was happening to him and you can’t help but feel that he didn’t deserve it.

I spent most of the time wondering what the mermaid’s motives were, I couldn’t decide if she was just being friendly or if she was dangerous in some way and, again, this was revealed by the end of the book.

I liked the interesting idea about cats, I don’t think I’ll look at a cat the same way ever again!  Another thing that I enjoyed was the idea of being able to see present day life mixed with images from another era, I had come up with all sorts of explanations for this but once I got to the end and found out the reason for it, it turned out that none of my guesses were right.

This was an enjoyable short story that felt imaginative and magical.

Turn The Tides Gently is available to buy from Amazon.


5 thoughts on “Turn The Tides Gently – Matt Wingett

  1. A fascinating story! I felt sorry for Dave yet intrigued at the same time. His life seemed to be full of confusion and sadness. I was hooked on the mermaid’s involvement, wondering what she really wanted from Dave, which kept me guessing until the end. As an author who often writes in different time eras, I loved the way the images from another era blended nicely with modern day.

    Enjoyed it immensely, found it intriguing all the way through. Certainly very different and it was nice to read a book set in an area I’m from!! I look forward to reading more of your work Matt.

    Claire Voet


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