I Heart Vegas – Lindsey Kelk


This was such a fun, refreshing read that had me literally crying with laughter, it was definitely my kind of book with my kind of humour.

Angela Clark is a Brit living in New York, she’s happily shacked up with her boyfriend and having a great time with her friends but, unfortunately, she has also lost her job and unless she can get a new visa (or get married) she’ll have to leave the country.

She goes on a girls weekend to Vegas which only ends up leading her from one disaster to the next, she desperately wants to stay in America because she doesn’t want to leave her boyfriend but the way she goes about it doesn’t exactly win her many fans!

I loved the hilarious witty remarks that are thrown about between Angela and her friends, and the English/American personality differences were so much fun to read.  I particularly enjoyed the fountain frolics and the helicopter ride – those scenes actually had me laughing out loud, one whilst I was waiting for the kids to come out of school resulting  in some funny looks being directed my way, but never mind I was too busy enjoying my book.

The romance in this book wasn’t a slushy kind of movie romance and, me being an old fashioned kind of romantic, I wasn’t too sure about it at the start but it soon grew on me and I became obsessed with trying to guess what was about to happen next.  Unfortunately I wasn’t very successful and many gasps of shock followed!

An entertaining, fun, girly book that I really enjoyed and definitely made me want to read more from Lindsey Kelk.



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