Breakfast at Darcy’s – Ali McNamara


This was another book that caught me with it’s cover and another book that I simply couldn’t put down until I had finished.

Darcy’s Aunt Molly passes away and being the only family member left Darcy inherits her rather large estate.  Darcy had no idea that her Aunt had so much money and even less idea that she also owned a small island off the west coast of Ireland called Tara.  In Aunt Molly’s will it states that to fully inherit Darcy must move to the island and set up a new community of at least fifteen people for a whole year.  Darcy has no idea why her Aunt wants her to do this but as things aren’t going great with her current life she decides to go for it.

There are many obstacles to cross and issues to resolve but Darcy tackles them all head on with the help of a group of people who have joined her on the journey.  This book is packed with love, lies and heartbreak and the secrets that the island holds had me hooked to the very end.

I absolutely loved the idea of this story, to move to an island that belongs to you and pretty much start a new life sounds really magical (hard work but still magical).  I found myself wishing that I could move to Tara and join in with the adventure.  The characters were interesting and likeable especially Darcy and the two main male characters, Conor and Dermot, who for some reason don’t exactly get along.

As always I tried to predict how this book would end and on this occasion my predictions were right, although there were quite a few events and revelations that I really didn’t expect or predict.

This is a heart-warming story of rediscovery and romance that captivated me from start to finish.  I look forward to reading more from Ali McNamara.



4 thoughts on “Breakfast at Darcy’s – Ali McNamara

  1. Loved From Notting Hill with Love … Actually – seen mixed reviews for Breakfast at Darcy’s but that might have been because it was released close to Christmas, readers were expecting what we think Christmas is 🙂 Loved your review Kate, thanks for sharing x


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