Nothing But Trouble – Rachel Gibson


This is the second book of Rachel Gibson’s that I have read and like the first it was an unputdownable read, it’s one of those books that you just need to know what happens next.

There are two main characters in this story, Chelsea Ross the out of work actress/celebrity PA and Mark Bressler the injured hockey superstar. Β Chelsea is hired by Mark’s hockey team management to become his PA but Mark doesn’t think he needs help, he’s in a really dark place after the accident and is very rude to most people that he meets, seeing as she really needs the money though Chelsea sticks with it.

The relationship between Chelsea and Mark is at times very funny and full of chemistry, Chelsea is used to dealing with unreasonable people so she doesn’t let Mark get the better of her, this clearly annoys him even more because he is trying to get rid of Chelsea like he got rid of all the other hired help – by being rude and difficult!

I loved the banter between Chelsea and Mark and I really enjoyed reading about how their feelings changed towards one another throughout the book. Β There were some very touching moments and also some very heated, sexual ones.

Another great book from Rachel Gibson – sexy and funny with some romance thrown in too.



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