Any Man of Mine – Rachel Gibson


Autumn Haven goes on holiday to Vegas, she meets a guy called Sam LeClaire, they have a fabulous time together, drunkenly get married and the next day he leaves her in the hotel room alone and goes back to his normal life.  Sam is a famous hockey star who loves the ladies and the lifestyle, the last thing he wants is to be tied down to a marriage so his lawyer arranges the divorce but then comes the shock that Autumn is pregnant with his baby!.

The book actually starts years later when Autumn is successfully running her own event-planning business and bringing up their child, Conner, by herself.  Sam looks after Conner now and then when it suits him but he has never been very reliable and he never picks Conner up himself – he sends his assistant.  They run into each other again at a wedding she’s in charge of and from there on in everything seems to change between them.

I really enjoyed this book, it’s a sexy and romantic story all rolled into one.  I found the single mum storyline empowering yet sad because it’s clear that Autumn wanted things to be different and she has been incredibly hurt by everything that Sam has put her through.

At the end of the story I felt satisfied that everything was how it should be and all loose ends were tied up so it was another enjoyable read for me.

I’m now looking forward to reading more of Rachel Gibson’s work.



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