Starcrossed – Josephine Angelini


The cover was the first attraction for me with this book and it was such an amazing read that I managed it in one sitting, I just couldn’t put it down!

Think Greek Mythology turned into a modern tale and you’ll have the idea of this book.  The main character Helen is based on Helen of Troy and is a gorgeous but insecure girl living in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  She has always felt different to the rest of the people at her school and while everyone is excitedly talking about a new family that has moved to the area Helen has no interest in them.  That is until she sees one of the boys (Lucas) at her school and for some reason her instincts are telling her to kill him!  She thinks he is gorgeous but she also wants him dead and apparently the feeling is mutual.

A pretty major event occurs that somehow manages to stop Helen and Lucas from wanting to kill each other and they end up seriously attracted to one another, this causes many more unforeseen problems because them being together would literally start a war between their people.  The chemistry between these two is so electric that you can almost feel it flying off the page at you and the twists and turns in their romance is captivating.

For me forbidden love is always a great subject to read about, I found myself really wanting things to be different for Helen and Lucas so  that they could be together but I suppose given the title of the book things were never going to be easy for them.  I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that they can work something out before the series ends.

Aside from the romance I really love the action in this story, there seems to be a sense of lingering danger throughout the book and a hint that there are many more secrets to be revealed.  While I was reading I was unable to predict what would happen next in the story (even though I gave it a good try but always failed miserably), this is probably the reason why it was so impossible for me to put it down!

This phenomenal story still lingers in my head and I am holding my breath for the next book in the series.



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