Welcome To My World – Miranda Dickinson


I love the covers of Miranda Dickinson’s books, they all look so magical.  Having already read Fairytale of New York and It Started with a kiss, both of which I loved, I was really looking forward to reading this book.

The story is about a girl called Harriet who is completely in love with other countries and travel, she even works as a travel agent, but strangely enough she has never stepped foot outside this country!  She has lots of excuses for why she hasn’t but deep down she knows she’s just too afraid to do it alone (her boyfriend will only go on UK breaks).  Her best male friend Alex, however, has travelled all across the world and captivates her with all his tales from afar.

The book starts with Harriet deeply upset in the village hall toilets, the reader has no idea what she is so upset about but  gets a little clue at the beginning of each chapter before the back story continues.  I love this style of writing, it had me imagining all sorts of reasons for her being so upset and when I finally did discover the reason it made me chuckle because my ideas were so far off the mark!.

This book filled me with a mixture of emotions – sadness reading about the loss of Harriet’s parents, laughter when she gets tangled up with Alex’s mum to try to find him a suitable girlfriend and happiness when things go well for Harriet although I won’t say any more about that as I don’t want to give too much away.

I loved reading about the different cultures and food from all the countries that were mentioned in the book, it gives you a real sense of being there.

This is a wonderful love story that had me gripped from the very first page.



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