The Birds & the Bees – Milly Johnson


Having read some of Milly Johnson’s other books I was keen to get stuck into this one and I wasn’t disappointed when I did.

In this book Stevie Honeywell is a romance writer, she has a son from her first marriage and is planning her second wedding when she discovers that her hubby-to-be Matthew has been having an affair with her so called friend Jo.  She finds out about the affair from Jo’s boyfriend Adam MacLean, he barges into her house looking for Matthew who is supposedly on a business trip but in reality is away on holiday with Jo!

Adam is a large, loud Scottish man who thinks Stevie is at fault because the scheming Jo has been telling him that Stevie is a greedy, lazy alcoholic! Jo has also been telling Stevie that Adam is violent and controlling so Stevie and Adam both blame each other for their partner’s affair and seriously dislike each other.

My favourite part of this book is when Adam devises a plan to make Jo and Matthew jealous – he decides that if he and Stevie pretend to be together (even though they can’t stand the sight of each other) then Jo and Matthew will come  running back.  The events that follow this decision had me laughing out loud many times and Adam’s character in particular was fantastic, from his description and the way his Scottish accent was written I could picture him so easily.

Aside from the laughter there were some lovely romantic times when Stevie and Adam were growing closer and  discovering that Jo’s descriptions weren’t exactly accurate.

This is a wonderful story of heartbreak, deception and discovery and I loved every minute of it!



2 thoughts on “The Birds & the Bees – Milly Johnson

  1. I only read Milly Johnson last year for the first time (An Autumn Crush) but loved that novel. I’ve downloaded The Pudding Club on my Kindle too.

    Thank you for sharing, Milly is an author to read more of I think!


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