Angel – L.A. Weatherly


This book is unlike any other angel stories that I’ve read because in this book the angels are the bad guys, they feed off humans and cause mental illness and disease while the humans have no idea what has happened to them and think they’re wonderful.

Willow is a half angel half human and Alex is an angel killer who has been assigned to kill Willow because of what she is.  He can’t bring himself to do it though because for some reason he finds himself attracted to her (not that he tells her that at the beginning).  The two of them end up on the run together trying to save Willow’s life and trying to figure out a way to destroy the angels.

I love the romance in this story, Alex and Willow are so drawn to each other and yet both are unable to admit their feelings.  Eventually they both discover how the other feels and then the love story truly begins.  Both Alex and Willow have sad stories to tell of their lives before they met which just makes you want the best for them even more.

As well as romance there is adventure and danger in this book, it regularly had me on the edge of my seat biting my nails and the way the author describes everything really made me feel like I was there, I could picture it so easily.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in to Angel Fire to find out what happens next.



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