Dreamland – Alyson Noël

This is the third book in the Riley Bloom series.  It is actually aimed at younger readers but I liked Riley in Alyson Noël’s The Immortals series and I wanted to find out more about her.

The series is set in the afterlife (The Here & Now) and they are really different to other books I’ve read.  I don’t usually read ghost stories and I love how innocent yet eerie this one is.  The first books, Radiance and Shimmer, are about Riley getting used to the afterlife and her role as a Soul Catcher.  This third book follows Riley on her mission to contact her sister (who is alive) through her dreams.

I enjoyed the ideas of the afterlife in this story – manifesting anything you want and flying anywhere you want to go, considering the subject of the book it manages to give it a magical feel.  Riley Bloom is a fun character with normal young girl issues which not only makes me feel sad for her that she passed on too soon but also had me laughing at some of her young girl moods!

A great read for those who enjoyed The Immortals series.


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